COTC Cover

Whether you need us on an interim basis whilst you apply for a permit application, to cover holidays/ maternity or even long term we have the resources available to cater for your needs, refer to the WAMITAB Website to understand why you need a Technical Competent Manager to manage your site.

Level 4

Transfer Non – Hazardous Waste- (4TSNH) Transfer Hazardous Waste- (4TSH)
Treatment Non-Hazardous Waste- (4TMNH) Treatment Hazardous Waste- (4TMH)
Landfill Non-Hazardous Waste- (4LNH) Landfill Hazardous Waste-(4LH)

Level 3

Inert Landfill (3INL), Inert Waste (Treatment) (3INTM)
Closed landfill (3CL), Inert Waste (Transfer) (3INTS), Civic Amenity Site (3CAS)